Construction and design of a house or an apartment requires high professionalism and lots of knowledge. After all, any building, inhabited or public is designed for a long-term exploitation. Therefore the approach to construction and architecture is the strictest. “Akcern Elite” Corporation exists in this market since 1993 and has all the licenses for implementation of all kinds of activity. In order to make living in the new room ergonomic and aesthetically pleasing, the architect and the designer first model it on the computer in details, in other words they "draw" your house on the display screen, decorating it outside and inside with the materials chosen by you. During the work you can make any changes, embody any whim and imagination into reality. And only after coming to an agreement in all the aspects and approving your new virtual house with all the decorations and elements, with the layout of the swimming pool, the garden, the outbuildings and etc., the constructors will start making your dreams come true. The optimal option of such alteration can be reached only by computer modeling. Computer modeling accompanies any repair and construction order and, as a rule, includes several different options. In case if construction or repair work is carried out by our experts, the service of computer modeling is provided with a 50% discount. For construction and repair we use only qualitative, ecologically safe materials.