The design of the venue is as important as the construction and the architecture. And if the latter touches upon the social interests, then the first one is related only to you. This is why during the implementation of the order we strongly highlight maximum responsiveness of your personal tastes, passions and household habits. Consequently yet while the stage of computer modeling you have an opportunity "to walk around" all the rooms on the way thinking over and competently "placing" the furniture, "to rearrange" any wall, "to put" a new tile in the bathroom or in the kitchen and "to recolor" the ceiling in the leaving room. In short, to embody any your whim and fantasy into reality. And only after coming to an agreement in all aspects and approving your new virtual house, the designers will start the internal finishing. It is worth mentioning that in case of a need we will repair and renew your house, apartment or office in the spirit of current trends, both esthetic and technological in short terms.Take