“Akcern” Real Estate Corporation is a joint-stock company operating in the real estate market in Armenia since 1993, the structure of which includes the full-fledged realtor companies (limited liability companies), legal consultation, service of real estate estimation, design and construction department and internet marketing department.The corporation is engaged in all types of operations with real estate - purchase, sale, rent, estimation of apartments, houses, mansions, lands, summer houses, and commercial real estate (industrial facilities, etc.). Besides, the company is engaged also in construction, architecture, design and has a big success in the sphere in recent years.The staff of the company consists of skilled realtors, lawyers, appraisers, builders, architects and designers who provide highly professional support in the solution of problems with real estate. Besides, the considerable number of the free services, significantly facilitating and making comfortable all procedures is included in the practice of work.During its work “Akcern” strictly adheres to the principles of observance of confidentiality and real support of the client’s interests. All activities of corporation are licensed.The structure of the company consists of five realtor autonomous firms, authorized to be engaged in all types of operations with any real estate in the territory of Armenia and beyond its territories. The considerable part of all market transactions of the country falls to " Akcern’s" share.In 2003 the Corporation was chosen and awarded with International Prize of quality “World Quality Commitment International Gold Star Award” for its high-qualitative customer service, wide international relations, innovations and implementation of new and advanced technologies in business by the "Initiative Directions in Business" organization. And in 2004 the same organization awarded the company already with platinum award "Superiority and Prestige in Business".Since April 2009 a new joint venture of “Akcern” Corporation and the “Washington Capital Real Estate Services” Company was opened, with a branch in Los Angeles, USA, with a goal to create corporate communications between the real estate markets of the USA and Armenia and their information exchange.

The staff of our company is our only real treasure. Our experienced realtors, appraisals, lawyers, designers and constructors are at your disposal at any time to help you with the any problem you may have with your property.

Hakob Baghdasaryan

President of the "Akcern Holding"

Other divisions:

Each realtor company is managed by its own management board, and offers full range of real estate transactions for all types of property throughout Armenia as well as abroad